Splash Auto Finance Credit Application

Welcome to the Splash Auto Finance Credit Application! This quick application process will help pre-approve your loan before you shop for a vehicle. Your information goes in confidence straight to the lender not the dealership. We look forward to helping you finance your next vehicle.

Splash Auto Finance Credit Application

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3 Personal Information

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Terms & Conditions

I authorize Rifco & Splash Auto Finance By Rifco to obtain income and credit information from any credit reporting agency or financial source, or past and present employer or any other source to assist in the credit decision. I authorize the discussion or disclosure of such information as is required for approval. Information provided and obtained is covered by Rifco’s Personal Information Protection Policy. This privacy policy is available on Rifco’s website. Where my ability to withdraw specific, previously made, authorizations or consents is required or guaranteed by law, I acknowledge that any such request, for withdrawal of previous consent, will be made in writing and will be delivered to Rifco’s office. I acknowledge that, where not required or guaranteed by law, no withdrawal of any previous consent or authorization, made by me, will be accepted by Rifco. In order to evaluate my application for credit, I understand, authorize and consent for Rifco to contact me using any and all means required including, but not limited to phone calls to my residence, phone calls to my place of employment, phone calls to my cell phone, text messages to my cell phone or other device, email, phone calls to my personal references, and phone calls to any other phone number that Rifco believes may be used to reach me. I instruct each and every source of information including income and credit information to accept this consent as my written request and authorization to release credit and financial information to Rifco.