Top 5 Splash Auto Finance FAQ’s

1. Who is Splash Auto Finance?
Splash Auto Finance is a division of Rifco National Auto Finance. Rifco National Auto Finance is a publicly traded company that is one of Canada’s largest non-chartered banks. Splash is our direct to consumer program. We are the actual lender and have the proper measures in place so your personal information is safe. Your approval is already in place before you even go shopping at one of our preferred dealerships. We ensure your new or used vehicle purchase is smooth sailing from start to finish!

2. Why Splash Auto Finance?
The days of not knowing exactly what you’re approved for are long gone! Go shopping with confidence and know what kind of monthly payment you have before you even step foot in one of our preferred dealerships. Our online concierge makes sure only the proper information is submitted in your application, our best-in-class analysts make sure you get the best approval you can get, and one of our experienced finance specialists will help you in getting into your dream ride. Our finance specialists work closely with a business manager at one of our preferred dealerships. It doesn’t get much better than that!

3. Can I trade-in my vehicle?
Absolutely. We make the trade-in process as easy as possible, just mention that you currently have a vehicle and that you’re interested in trading it in.

4. Where is Splash Auto Finance located?
Our head office is in Red Deer, Alberta. This is where your online messages are replied to, your calls are answered, where our in-house analysts give your approvals from, and even where our experienced finance specialists are! We work as a team & take care of our customers.

5. How many times will you pull my credit when I apply?
Only once. That is all it takes for us to give you the best approval we possibly can. Any time you apply for an auto loan, a credit card, or even get a new phone on a contract your credit is pulled to determine the lending risk, there is no need to pull your credit more than one time. Have no fear, only one single inquiry is near!

Splash Auto Finance

Do you have more questions for us? Give us a call, toll-free at 1-855-800-7426 or visit our website at and one of our members will happily assist you!